Fencing equipment is essential for practice and competition. We have rental equipment available for beginning classes, and we encourage fencers to acquire their own gear as their skills improve.

Beginning fencing? Normally you'll use our rental equipment for your class, including a mask, fencing weapon (epee, or saber), protective jacket, underarm protector (plastron) and glove. There is an equipment rental fee for a full-term class, and rental equipment is only used at the class (it is not taken home).

Absolute Fencing Gear   is our preferred vendor for fencing uniforms as well as equipment.

Absolute Fencing Gear is our preferred vendor for fencing uniforms as well as equipment.

Many people choose to purchase their own gear at some point. You may want to buy personal items, such as a glove or mask, even when you begin fencing. Or, you may wish to wait until you have completed your beginning fencing class and then have your own gear to continue fencing. Whether you become a recreational or competitive fencer, if you keep going you'll want to have your own "stuff."

Most fencing equipment is purchased online from various vendors around the country. Equipment can also be acquired at various national tournaments, of which there are several throughout the year. For a list of equipment vendors and their Web sites, see the "links" page.

We can guide you on purchasing gear that fits and works for you, and provides you with the safest possible and yet most affordable fencing experience. From shoes and gloves to masks and uniforms, there are a number of decisions that go into making the right purchase. While not the cheapest of all sports, many people find fencing to be surprisingly inexpensive.

For a listing of and links to fencing equipment vendors, see our “links” page.

Here's a typical competitive fencer's equipment list:

  • Mask

  • Two or three weapons (foil, saber, or epee)

  • Glove

  • Lamé (a metallic jacket used in either foil or saber; not used in epee)

  • Electrical body cords (2) for connecting to scoring apparatus

  • Long-sleeved jacket

  • Knickers (trousers that stop at the knee)

  • Long socks

  • Court shoes (fencing, volleyball, or handball)

  • "Plastron," or underarm protector (a protective half-shirt worn under the jacket)

  • Breast protector (required for women)

  • Athletic cup (optional for men)

  • Fencing equipment bag

  • Basic tools for maintaining equipment