Check out this informative slide show by one of our own WFA youth fencers!

What is Fencing?


Fencing is a wonderful sport, engaging both the mind and the body in a vigorous and fun activity with historical tradition. An Olympic event since the modern-day Olympic Games began in 1896, it is truly a global sport and nearly 150 countries worldwide compete with athletes ranging from youth to seniors. Our club offers all three fencing styles: epee, saber, and foil.

For a fun and informative article on fencing, click here to read Fencing Is The Best Sport Ever: 32 Things Only We Fencers Understand, with a lot of interesting facts and background on the sport.

Questions about fencing? You've reached the right place! Here's a basic Q&A about the sport, along with some click-to-select topics:

Fencing is wonderful for kids, a healthy, smart, honorable, and invigorating sport.

Fencing is wonderful for kids, a healthy, smart, honorable, and invigorating sport.

Where should I start fencing? We offer classes at our Issaquah facility as well as in a number of cities around the Seattle/Eastside area. Each location offers beginning classes for a variety of ages. Check out our Classes & Instruction area to see what's happening.

I am looking for some basic information about the sport. Where can I find that? Here's a link to "Fencing 101" from USA Fencing. When you come by our club, we'll be glad to give you a full introduction to the sport. 

What if I can't find a WFA class in my area? There are a number of other fencing clubs in the area, as well. See the "Useful Fencing Links" page to check out their Web sites.

What ages can fence? We begin fencers as young as eight or nine, and we've had beginning students as "young" as 84! Some classes are specifically for kids, teens, or adults, while others are "open." If your child is younger than 8, please come by or call us to discuss how we can best provide a great introduction to the sport for her or him.

What information do you have for parents? Are you the mother or father of an aspiring young swashbuckler? See out "Info for Parents" page where you will find plenty of parental fencing resources.

Fencing at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Photo copyright by WFA's Serge Timacheff.

Fencing at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Photo copyright by WFA's Serge Timacheff.

Is fencing in the Olympics? Yes! In fact, fencing is one of only four sports that has been featured at every modern Olympic Games since they began in 1896. The founder of the modern-day Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin, was himself a fencer. Today, fencing is a popular event at the Summer Olympic Games. In off-Olympic years, a fencing world championship takes place. Additionally, every year there are world championship events for cadets, juniors, and veterans. Portland, Oregon's Mariel Zagunis has earned two gold medals in the Olympic Games (Athens 2004 & Beijing 2008), the only U.S. fencer to earn gold at the Games for more than 100 years. Numerous American athletes have earned silver and bronze medals, as well, at multiple Olympic Games, including London 2012. 

Are fencers always competitive? No. Fencing is a sport that can and often is highly competitive, but many fencers choose to only be "recreational" and not compete. 

Is fencing safe? Statistically, fencing is one of the safest sports. For more information, click to see our "Fencing Safety" page.

Is fencing an individual or a team sport? Technically, it is both. Team events take place where three-person teams fence each other, one fencer at a time. Generally speaking, however, fencing is regarded as more of an individual sport because in all events - team or individual - the "bouts" only have one-on-one competition.